Sponsor A Physiatrist in Training  

How Does the Sponsor a Physiatrist-In-Training Program Work?

Your contribution will be distributed to in-training members that either you select or the Executive Council identifies as individuals who will benefit most from the scholarship.

Who Will Your Contribution Benefit?

Your contribution to the Sponsor a Physiatrist-In-Training program benefits everyone. Primarily, the student or resident benefits by attending the conference or workshop he may otherwise have not been able to attend. The College benefits by cultivating future leaders that are willing to take on leadership responsibilities and continue to make osteopathic physiatry a respected and valued field of medicine.

How do I Contribute?

  • Sponsor a Student allows for different levels of giving, as well as payment options.
  • Sponsor Levels: Gold—$300, Silver—$200, Bronze—$100
  • Payment Options: Contributors may pa